Axial Aero is a technology innovation company that works with cutting edge aeronautical and aerospace products and services. Our interests vary from propulsion systems, simulation technologies, hybrid electric aircraft solutions to advanced control systems. Our products and services cover both the commercial and military domains.


Axial Aero was founded by 2 ex-IAFfighter pilots, who later moved onto commercial aviation and data science, an electronics engineer from REC and a very accomplished software engineer. The founders have 20+ years experience each in their respective domains and have held critical leadership positions in both government and commercial corporations. Between them they have 11 patent applications (5 granted), 9 start-ups, several publications, educational and work experience in more than a dozen countries across 4 continents.

Hyperrealism technologies in the aerospace and defence domain require deep domain knowledge, and expertise in flight dynamics, electro-mechanics, electronics, computer hardware and software. Very few start-ups have such a blend within the founders. Axial Aero’s founders have 100+ years of blended experience and have held critical positions in global companies and governments. This unique domain combination and experience is critical to the success of current product as well as in achieving long term vision of the company.


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The Axial Aero simulator through its advanced and innovative mechanical design and motion-cueing/motion-cancellation technology/Algorithms, overcomes the motion limitations of Stewarts platforms by offering 360° freedom of rotation around X,Y and Z axes. It also incorporates ‘G-Force’ feedback. In addition, translational movement along the 3 axes is cleverly achieved using advanced mechanical actuators built into the seat utilizing our custom built, advanced motion-cueing algorithms. This makes the simulator ideal for the simulation of all types of aerial combat platforms including  Fighter aircraft & Attack helicopters.  It can also be used to pilot advanced drones remotely. Apart from being used as a simulator for high performance fixed wing aircraft, it is uniquely suited for simulating other aircraft like helicopters, e-VTOL, aircraft etc. It is also the perfect candidate for a ‘Spatial Disorientation Simulator’ and UPRT trainer, as it is capable of 360° continuous motion.


  • Weight: ~1.8 Tons for the single seater version / 2.5 Tons for the 2 seater version.
  • Motion: 360° 6-DOF FFS
  • Roll rate: Minimum 120°/Sec
  • Pitch rate: Minimum 60°/Sec
  • Yaw rate: Minimum 60°/Sec
  • Volumetric requirements: A room of minimum size of 5m (L) x 5m (W) x 4m (H)
  • Environmental requirements: Dust free, air-conditioned room ideally maintained at 18-21°C
  • Power requirements: ~12 KVA with generator back up for recovery
  • Flooring requirements: Hard concrete floor with provision to ‘Bolt-on’ the simulator


Our prototype is in an advanced stage of development and is undergoing testing at our facility at Hyderabad, India. Here you can see the simulator being flown from the control station outside and our crash test dummy “Ed” in the hot seat…



In this video, you can see a simulation of the LCA (Tejas) built by India. The 3D & Flight model model has been rendered by Axial Aero.



  • 5th amongst 1700 applicants
  • The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE) Global Summit 2022
  • Most Innovative Startup amongst 2,200 IIT-Kharagpur, Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2023

Revolutionizing Military Training:

Ex-Pilot’s Startup and Advanced Flight Simulators
Flight Lieutenant B P Kumar, a former fighter pilot turned entrepreneur, discusses his journey and the creation of Axial Aero, a startup focused on advanced flight simulators for military training. The company’s simulator offers 360-degree rotation and virtual reality for realistic pilot training. Kumar credits India Startup Festival (ISF) for support in networking and mentorship, and highlights the potential of their made-in-India product to enhance pilot safety, reduce costs, and boost domestic manufacturing.